Uganda Bugisu Coffee Beans

Uganda Bugisu: strong, earthy and wholesome, a breakfast favourite

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Taste: Warm chocolaty bread and mild spice
Strength: (6) Dark Roast
Character: Mild mouth feel yet wholesome and full bodied, low acidity with a smooth finish.
Fine Grind For: Espresso Machines, Moka Pot, Aeropress and Chemex brewing.
Medium Fine Grind For: Filter Machines, Pour Over (inc. V60), Aeropress, French Press, Cold Brew home brewing.


Altitude: 1300-2600 metres above sea level
Process: Hand Picked, Washed
Grade: AB (bean size)
Farm: Bugisu Cooperative Union (BCU)
Region: Bugisu district, Uganda.
Roast: (6) Dark Roast


Uganda Bugisu, 100% hand picked bourbon arabica coffee beans, grown on the slopes of Mount Elgon. The Bugisu Cooperative Union (BCU) is a Ugandan agricultural cooperative federation, established in 1954. It was started by a group of coffee farmers led by The Late Samson Kitutu. Read more here.
We absolutely love this coffee and in all honesty just didn't buy enough when we had the chance. Lesson learned, next time we wont make the same mistake.


Bag Size Guide

Regular: 200g approximately 28 single espresso.
Large: 375g approx 53 single espressos.
XLarge: 600g approx 85 single espressos.