About Us

These Grounds was born as a combination of several of my passions: old machinery, making things by hand, travelling to Colombia and of course great coffee.

My father is a retired mechanic so I have always been fascinated with machinery and how things work. These Grounds uses original Uno roasters that we lovingly restored to their former glory.

Ever since I was a child I liked to make things with my hands, whether from old cardboard boxes and sellotape to cooking in the kitchen with my grandmother. Roasting coffee means I get to experiment with the beans, tweaking proportions, temperature, length of roast and grind to come up with amazing brews.

The connection with Latin America comes from my wife. Since we met many years ago and she first took me to Colombia I was fascinated by the landscape and the variety of produce but more importantly by the people, from whom I learned how to live in the moment. It’s still a difficult concept for a Black Country lad like me to grasp sometimes, but I try my best! So when the opportunity to open a roastery came about I knew it was too good to miss.

And finally, great coffee. It is so satisfying to make the perfect cup as a result of a true artisan process the way it was done back in the good old days before automated machines, where the master roaster relies on taste, smell, colour and the sound of the beans cracking to know when the coffee is ready – not to be drank but to be enjoyed.

The love of what we do can be felt in our coffee, from single origins to hand crafted blends. We love our coffee. Try it for yourself.