Add a guest coffee to your menu

Stand out from the crowd and increase your profits!

Fresh Flame Roast is an amazing range of coffees roasted by hand by These Grounds roastery using vintage machines, making it a truly unique artisan product. Our coffee is full of flavour and aroma as the beans are expertly sourced and delicately roasted to perfection by our master roaster, resulting in an exclusive experience loved by occasional drinkers and coffee connoisseurs alike.

We can supply you with small batches of freshly roasted coffee to add alongside your current offer as special guest coffees.
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Increase your profits as you can charge a premium
  • Keep your customers happy and coming back for more!
Interested? Contact us today to receive a free sample pack and discuss your needs in detail.


Customer Frequently Asked Questions

Can you also supply my everyday coffee?

Yes! We have amazing house blends of fresh coffee roasted using the same method, which can be delivered to you regularly in large quantities. Contact us for a free sample.


What if I am already under contract with my coffee machine supplier?

Not a problem. Usually contracts require you to use a certain coffee but only if you make it in your coffee machine. You can still offer guest coffees brewed using other methods.


How can I brew These Grounds’ coffees for my customers?

Any way you like, just make sure you tell us in advance so we can roast and deliver your coffee accordingly. If you do not use a standard espresso or a filter coffee machine, you can brew it through a drip filter, AeroPress or serve it directly to your customers in a cafetiere. Enquire about our starter pack that includes 5 free cafetieres with your first order so you can get started.


Do you have any minimum orders or contract length?

We do not have any minimum orders or tie you up into a contract. As a family run business we understand the importance of flexibility.


How will you deliver the coffee?

We will tailor the delivery to your needs. Whether in wholebean or ready ground for a specific brewing method, in large bags or small regular batches, we are happy to advise on the best method and accommodate to your requirements.


How much is your coffee?

Our coffee beans can be tailored to your cost per cup and considerable discounts are available for regular orders over 1kg with no monthly minimum order. Contact Us to receive our wholesale price list and discuss your requirements.


What other options do you offer to help me increase my profits?

We can also supply you with 200g bags of coffee to sell at your premises, either from our Fresh Flame Roast range or create specific blends that you can white label and sell using your own brand. We also have brewing equipment like drip filters for sale, or tailored gift packs for example containing coffee glasses, a bag of coffee and a drip filter. Contact Us to discuss further.


Where can I find it more about you?

Visit our Wholesale page for more information on why you should choose us, Our Method for details on the hand roasting method we use, and Bio for a bit of background on our business. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and don’t forget to read our latest coffee reviews in our shop.

We are also happy to show you around the roastery by previous appointment to see our beautiful vintage machines in action. Contact Us for details.