Guatemalan Coffee Beans

Finca Victoria: sweet with mild citrus, indulgent espresso, amazing flat white

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Taste: Very sweet, chocolate and mild citrus
Strength: (4) Full City Roast
Character: Buttery mouth feel, medium body, balanced fruity acidity and strong yet pleasant finish.
Fine Grind For: Espresso Machines, Moka Pot, Aeropress and Chemex brewing.
Medium Fine Grind For: Filter Machines, Pour Over (inc. V60), Aeropress, French Press, Cold Brew home brewing.

Harvest Period: January- April
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1600 metres above sea level
Arabica Variety: Bourbon and Caturra
Farm: Finca Victoria
Region: Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Finca Victoria is located within the heart of the coffee producing region – Huehuetenango. To reach the farm you will have to go on an adventurous journey along an earth road, through valleys and deep canyons. This is because the farm itself is located at the heart of the “Cuchumatanes” mountain range, the highest in Central America. The farm dates back to the 20th century where Señor Valentín Villatoro Ventura acquired some land in a place called "Los Cerros." Back in those times Don Valentin would have to travel three to four days on horseback due to the inaccessibility of the region. Around the 60's Señor Valentin decided to leave the property as inheritance to his son Salomón Villatoro Cáceres. He then made it possible to develop the land into what it is presently. The farm is currently managed by the third generation of the Villatoro family.

Amazing as espresso straight up or with any milk based combo. We love this served as flat white and we probably drink much more than we should! Get it while you can.

Bag Size Guide

Regular: 200g approximately 28 single espresso.
Large: 375g approx 53 single espresso.
XLarge: 600g approx 85 single espresso.